Friday, 7 August 2009

Right to Justice and Judicial Accountability - Hurry up for Registration!!!


Venue: 49 Vivek Nagar, Station Road, Jaipur 302006, Tel. 0091 141 2206139, email,

A Two-Day Programme on Right to Justice and Judicial
Accountability to be held on 12-13 September 2009 in Jaipur

Dear Sir/ Madam,

You and your organisation are already acquainted with the campaign for right to justice and judicial accountability. A number of activities including Public Hearings, University Seminars and discussions among various sections of Society have been regularly held to build up an effective movement for total and basic change in the present judicial system in the country. These efforts are beginning to have effect, but it seems that there is a long way yet to go. The U.P.A. Government in the centre did announce recently that immediate steps would be taken up to reform the judicial system. The Union Law Minister have even fixed 30th September, 2009 as last date by which the judicial reform programme will be implemented. However it is our experience that such pronouncements mostly remain hollow. Moreover the Government’s concept of judicial reform is not even clear. We don’t need only cosmetic changes but we need a completely new, sensitive and people oriented judicial system.

Naturally you and your organisation must have skirmishes with the system in some way or other and for which you must be having your own experiences. We request that you actively participate in this two-day programme with all of your experiences and suggestions. Some of the points for consideration are as under:-

- Justice as a right or Solicitation.
- The concept of People Oriented Judicial System.
- Your problems relating to the present judicial set- up.
- Ensuring Speedy Justice.
- The Phenomenon of Crores of Pending Cases for Years.
- The Procedural complicacy of judicial system.
- The process of Appointment of judges.
- Training and Orientation of Officers Connected with Judiciary.
- Judicial Accountability.

We further request that your organisation also become one of the organisers of the programme.

We hope to receive your consent at the earliest. The participant organisation is welcome to set up its own stall. This two-day programme will be held at the premises of Rajasthan Samagrah Seva Sangh Durgapura, Jaipur. A number of people’s organisations, activists, jurists, Lawyers, Judges, and other Judicial Officers are expected to participate in the programme.

We hope to receive your consent, response and suggestions after which a detailed programme will be dispatched to you as early as possible. We hope to receive your consent and suggestions regarding the programme at the earliest on the above address.

Yours Sincerely

Prem Krishna Sharma Sawai Singh Prashant Bhushan
Academy for Socio Rajasthan Campaign for
Legal Studies. Samagrah Seva Judicial
Sangh Accountability and

Members of the Advisory Board are.

Justice Shri V.S. Dave, Justice Shri Panachand Jain, Justice M. Shirimal, Smt. Aruna Roy, Dr. Sharda Jain, Sr. Advocate Colin Gonsalvis (HRLN Delhi), Sr. Advocate Mihar Desai (HRLN Mumbai), Sr. Advocate Mahesh Bora (Jodhpur), Prof. Suresh Deman (London), Shri Than Singh, Advocate Shri P.L. Mimroth (NCDHR), Shri V.S. Vyas, Shri Bhawani Shankar Kusum, Prof. Ganga Sahaya, Prof. Satish Shastri (Dean, Faculty of Law), Shri Ravi Hooja, Sr. Advocate S.R. Bajwa, Miss Parul Sharma (Stockholm), Smt. Nishat Hussain, Shri Radhakant Saxena and Prof. O. P. Mathur.

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