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Dr S. Deman (Econ) & PK Sharma (Ex-GS, CPM Raj & Sup. Court Advocate)
Expulsion of Kerala’s Chief Minister, Com Achuthanandan from Politburo (better known as VS) is yet another misfortune for the CPI(M) Leadership which lost touch with the reality on the ground. There is no Marxian theory which could justify the Politburo’s decision.

According to Social Choice theory, in all but small organisations, delegation of power takes place from many to few (known as agents). In a Parliamentary Democracy, people make such choice by electing a member of Parliament or Legislature. Since the elected agents are answerable to people in their respective constituencies there is a mechanism, though not fool-proof, by which agents could be disciplined either by not being elected again or rewarded by reelection. However, there is no mechanism, particularly within the Communist parties, which purported to represent tangible consciousness of working class, to correct itself, if the Party gets derailed or ideas themselves become material force and derailed the Party.

In China, Chairman Mao had encountered such problems in the Central Committee, in 1960s when his ideological position for leading the Country's Communist Party turned into a thin minority opinion. In his view, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party was out of reality on the ground and was derailed. He went to his home town and with the assistance of a local Press union, got published his point of view, which was earlier rejected by the Central Committee. Mao's article was published as, "Bombard the Headquarter", which led to the Cultural Revolution and reorganisation of the Central Committee. Subsequently, the British Journal of Sociology published an article assessing Mao's contribution to dialectics, which most Armchair Oxford/JNU educated Psydo Marxist cannot swallow because it posses great danger to their own existence. The author identified Mao's contribution in recognising the need and supervisory role of the masses over the Party. If this process is not complete, dialectics may become destiny rather than epistomological science. In facat, the communist parties strictly organised on the Stalinist principles would become caucus-run bureaucratic organisations and would alienate themselves from the people. History of the former USSR and Eastern European Communist Parties shows that the Communist Parties not only alienated themselves from the people, but people also turned against them. The situation of CPI(M) is even worst as Bureaucracy has taken over even before it could enjoy the power at the Centre. Buddhdeb Bhattacharya behaved like a bull against his own people in defence of a bourgeoisie by acquiring land for Tatas rather then let them acquiring by themselves.

Further, many individuals were inducted in the CPI(M) Politburo and Central Committee who neither had any background or emerged from mass movement. Their experience was limited to a few hundreds students' politics at the Jawaharlal Nehru University’s upper middle class and/or elite class. It is an irony that fate of a vateran founder member of the CPI(M) and a mass leader, Com. Achutanadan has been sealed by an upper caste elite leadership and he has been reduced one time Communist Hero to Zero. It appears no one is left within the Party to raise his voice let alone calling for "Bombard the Headquarter". The entire time of the Politburo and a vast members of the Central Committee goes in practicing bourgeoisie democracy and playing a middleman trader’s role (in Nepal) and yet there is little tolerance for dissent or for inner democracy within CPI(M).
Earlier CPI (M) expelled Com. Nipen Chakraborty of Tripura, Saifuddin Choudhary & other senior leaders in WB (who contributed troublefree and sustained Left Rule for 3 decades with strong public mandate), Mr Abdullah Kutty, CPM (MP) and then Somnath Chatterjee, Speaker. Surprisingly, CPI(M) accepted it own investigation into corruption charges against its Kerala State Unit General Secretary, Vijayan. Moreover what we have been taught as a student of Marxism that communists do not hide their intentions. They owe transparency to the people. It is not simply a routine organisational matter when you are dealing about a comrade whom you had projected before them to repose faith in him. The credibility of the whole organisation is at stake. Even if one does not go by the bourgeoisie definition of corruption still the reasons and findings with supporting material including answers to Achutanandan's stand should be made public. We believe the reasons for expulsion of veteran leaders like, Nipen Chakraborty, Saifuddin Choudhary, Somnath Chatterjee, Kerala MP, Mr Abdullah Kutty and Com Achutanandan were less compelling than for removal of Com. Vijayan and Buddhdeb Bhattacharya and JNU Mafia. The only hesitation appears to be that currently a vast majority of the Politburo leadership does not appear to have emerged from mass movement.

Vinash Kale Viparit Buddhi”.
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