Saturday, 20 June 2009

Romanian attacks -Two teens arrested

Media Hypocracy on Racism-Romanian Actress Fights against Racism
Racist abuse has not been a strange animal to those who lived in Northern Ireland but it had always been marginalised or overshadowed by sectarianism. In fact, people were scared of even reporting such crimes due to the fear of retaliation. In 1996, Ms Dhariwall of BBC ran first documentary on racism entitled, "Hidden Troubles in Northern Ireland", but it had told the people only half the story. Dr S Deman was the first Indian to report a race hate crime in 1996 which the NI police then known as RUC put it under the rug.

The Great white media was asleep when people of nonwhite ethnic minorities were or are attacked. Suddenly, they got an attack of morality as to the plight of Romanians. Jon Snow of Channel 4 told Alistair Finlay, Assistant Chief Constable in Northern Ireland that, "there has been more tolerance of racist attacks by police in Northern Ireland”. However, we should add however, the conduct of the Public Prosecution Services is no different from the police.

Further Mr Jon Snow told Mr Finlay that had this happened here (he meant in London or in England) police would be right there. Unfortunately, this does not support the reality on the ground. We have video evidence and over 50 police complaints of racial harassment of an Indian family which shows just the opposite, but neither of the news channels or other people in media ever cared to give coverage. Rather they played dumb.  In fact, it is a matter of record Ch 4 paid out over 120,000 to Equality Chief, Trevor Phillip's Consutancy Firm for cover up of racial abuse of Indian Movie star, Shilpa Shetty at Big Brothers.

It is well established that the white ethnic minorities, particulary Jewish are treated differently and media comes to their rescue (it does not mean they should not) but when non-white ethnic minorities are treated badly media plays duff. In fact, people like Prof Ian Gow was given an OBE despite the fact he was found guilty of racial victimisation by a Nottingham Tribunal.

Finlay with out cry in the media, a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old boy have been held following vandalism which left windows smashed on homes in the Donegall Avenue area of south Belfast. However,when Steve Lawrence was murdered, "there was more tolerance of racist attack in England too", but not reported by media until Nelson Mandela voiced his concern during his visit to London when he was released from South African jail after 27 years (apartheid regime supported by civilised superpowers).

More than 100 Romanians left and were put up overnight in a church hall earlier this week and have since been given emergency accommodation. Earlier, police searched several homes in the area in connection with the racist attacks.

A Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) spokeswoman said: "Police investigating the intimidation of Romanian nationals between June 11 and 15 in the south Belfast area have conducted two search operations in the Donegall Avenue area this afternoon." However, in November 2007 Dr Deman was attacked in the Fair Employment Tribunal Courtroom by a Roman Catholic Barrister of the University College Union but despite eye witness evidence to date no arrest has been made.

Romanian ambassador Ion Jinga met Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness at Stormont on Thursday.

He said he was encouraged by the response from members of the public, with food and blankets donated and the perpetrators condemned.

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