Sunday, 14 June 2009

Racists Strike Indian Students in Australia

Racism Changes Its Face But Never its Nature

In yet another incident targeting Indian students in Australia, a car belonging to a youth from the community has been torched here. As usual, the police ruled out any racial motive behind it. Vikrant Rajesh Ratan, 22 who had used all his savings to buy the car, said the vehicle was burnt last night.
He said that two other cars, also belonging to Indians, that were parked next to his vehicle, were also damaged during the incident. "We were sleeping when it all happened.
We heard the fire alarm of the car. When we went out to see what happened we saw the cars on fire," Ratan told PTI. He said that it could have been done by a group of drug addicts who used to sit near the premises.
"I believe they (addicts) probably first tried to open the car. Then they may have used a petrol can to set it ablaze.
" Ratan, originally from Ludhiana (Punjab) who came here a month ago to pursue a certificate course in Automotive Engineering, said that there was no chance of a short circuit that could have burnt the car in this cold weather. He said he had bought the vehicle a few days ago for 2500 dollars and now he was left with no money.


NewsViews on Racism said...

Somehow we have yet to know the root cause for this resentmnent against Indians. There used to be Paki Bashing in UK in the late Sixties when we were scared to go out for fear of the thugs roaming the streets. Then there was DOT BASHING in New Jersey, New York and the suburbs. Indians are generally not trouble makers. They are quite servile and polite but they excell in academics and this may cause resentment against coloured people being smarter than 'WHITES". Why do we call them whites? White is certainly a different colour. They are more roasted lobster colour like.

Long ago, in the Fifties Babu Rao Patel the publisher of Mother India - a satire and movie news monthly magazine - warned the Indian Diaspora that one day they would all have to come back to their Motherland and not live in adopted countries like slaves or show offs. Maybe he had some vision of the future.


NewsViews on Racism said...

I don't think Indians should leave Australia. rather they should be more assertive by demanding the rights that they are entitled to as students. I sometimes feel we Indians have not come out of the Master-Servant mentality inherited from the British & the present day politicians. When we see white colored skin we tend to buckle & give more importance then what they deserve. We should realize that we as a country are more brilliant , resourceful and have the wherewithal to face any challenges - the recent unmanned mission to moon is one example & the how our economy is insulated from the recession. We Indians should stand erect and make our presence felt & demand the rightful place in the comity of Nations.
Posted by: kambam vedantan