Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Indian Elections - Left Debacle

Karat in Pensive Modd After the Defeat

In this election, CPIM leadership heavily relied upon the negative campaign. The issue of nuclear deal was not even voiced or did not go through very well. Although people wanted a change but the Third front has been unable to assure the public against the fear from change. In fact, the Left Front has alienated itself from the people more than ever before in the history of Communist movement. The Left has been left out in a big dilemma and the CPI(M) Ivory tower bureaucratic leadership wasted 4 and a 1/2 years flirting with Sonia Gandhi Congress and their withdrawal of support at the last moment and particularly expulsion of Mr Somnath Chatterjee appeared opportunistic. Frankly speaking, bureaucracy in former USSR and Eastern Europe came after socialism became a temporary reality but in the Indian Communist movement it has taken over even before a revolution is seen anywhere. Somnath Chatterjee appears to be correct, if you so much rely upon bourgeois democracy, the leadership should take the responsibility and should resign forthwith starting from Buddhdeb Bhattacharya (rather than avoid politburo meeting)and then the upper caste JNU boys, like Sita Ram Yechuri and Prakash Karat as their field experience is limited to 500 JNU students' politics of elite class. This is what happens when entire time of the party is devoted to bourgeois democracy. Of course Nandigarm issue and Mr Bhattacharya's call for a ban Hartal & Bandh were also important factors in CPI(M) debacle. See author’s comments on Prabhat’s Patnyak’s letter on Nandigram.
Summary Reasons:
(1) Com. Joyti Basu’s erroneous support to Bourgeois Democratic Revolution in West Bengal under the Private Ownership of Means of Production and opposition to the same idea in non CPI(M) states sharpened the contradictions,(2) Unnecessary attack on Baba Ramdeo on nonissues;(3) Anti people stand of Mr Buddhdeb Bhattchrya calling for a Ban on Hartal & Bandhs in WB,(4) poviding legitimacy to Congress led UPA and then opportunistic withdrawal from UPA & expulsion of Chattrejee, (5) Nuclear deal issues marginalised, (6) Nandigram masscre, (7) unprincipled alliance in third front, (8) Inexperience  Bureaucratic leadership, etc., played major part in CPI(M) debacle.

By Prof S Deman, BSc, MA(India), MA,ABD (US), M.Phil. (UK), Ph.D. (Japan)


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