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Racism Continues at the University of Greenwich

UCU Goes on Honeymoon
Dr Anthony Tambyrajah, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Principal Lecturer) Information Systems and Digital Media Department is of Sri Lankan ethnic origin and holding his position since 1990 with a trouble free record of service in the school of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS). He gave evidence at the Ashford Tribunal which found, the University of Greenwich, Mr Russell Brockett, Director of Personnel, & Mr Ross Geddes guilty of Racial Discrimination and/or Victimisation. The Tribunal was Chaired by a Law Professor, Rideout of University College London. The AUT & NATFHE merged to form the University College Union and the Commission on Racial Equality (Labour Party frontal organisations to stonewall the victims of discrimination and generate a political strife to fetch votes) refused to provide support to Dr Deman erroneously believing that there were no prospects of success in his claims. Well! They were all proved wrong.

The Head of CMS School, Dr E. Bacon through her actions and through the actions of those whom she has direct responsibility has marginalised, victimised and discriminated me not only in the most recent case of turning down my request to continue working after the normal retirement age (NRA) but also has throughout her management tenure. It is my belief she has done this because of my union role within the school and my firm stance on discrimination and victimisation.

Dr Bacon’s decision not to extend my NRA has been supported at appeal by Pro VC Prof. T. Barnes The procedures used during appeal were based on criteria that were not available before or during the appeal leaving room for discrimination and an unbalanced presentation of my case.

This grievance complaint follows the pattern of victimisation and marginalisation by the university and its officers over the last 10 years

Chronology of events of victimisation

1999-2001 he was hand piked by Mr Russel Brocket, Director of Personnel to sit on the panel to investigate Dr. S Deman's complaint of racial harassment and discrimination against his part tie colleague, Mr Ross Geddes. As the investigation proceeded it became clear the chair of panel and personnel officer in-charge of the case wanted his role to be a token role. Dr Tambyrajah protested against Mr Brocekett's efforts to marginalise him on the panel. He wrote to Late Dr Fussy, then VC. The case went to an Employment Tribunal where he was issued a witness order to give evidence. His evidence was not favourable to the university, Mr Geddes ad Mr Brockett. Subsequently the university, Mr Geddes and Mr Brockett were found guilty of discrimination and/or victimisation. This was the turning point in his relationship with the university and its officers. After his involvement in the above case he found that the university through its senior management began a process of victimisation, which can be identified through a number of events.

2000-2009: During the time Dr Tambyrajah was a UCU Rep for the school and he provided union support to following members of staff who were being victimised in the CMS school

(a) Monique Rima, (b) Jan Malcolm, (c) Yasser Ades, (d) Ephrahim Nissan, (e) Karen Gunter,
(f) Rodney Sue, (g) Dimitrios Frangiskatos, etc.

The CMS School has a long history of victimisation and Dr Bacon through her actions in some of the above cases has shown that she is more than capable of victimising individual members of staff. Dr Tambyrajah supported the above members in cases, which involved complaints of discrimination against the university. This has resulted in Dr Bacon ostracising me. The most recent act of racial discrimination and/or victimisation is the refusal by Dr Bacon to extend my normal age of retirement. The lack of transparency and the adhoc process leave room for discrimination and victimisation.

He believes he has been racially discriminated or victimised because he carried out the protected acts. De wish to rely in my defence upon some white comparators who were given extension under somewhat similar circumstances".

Hopefully this would give the readers an idea how to write the grievance.

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