Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Justice Underhill - Over the Hill

Justice Underhill - Over the Hill on Bias

Justice Underhill Gets Honour for his Service to Zionist Labour Party Mafia. This was not a good day for Mr. Justice Underhill in the High Court since he was appointed President of EAT (a beneficiary of Labour Party) and the Racist mafia of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) & Trevor Phillips who is more popularly known in the media for "Cash for Racism Scandal". EHRC and its former and present bosses, Mr Phillips, Mr Gurbux Singh were represented by Mr. Allen QC, Head of Cloister Chambers (Labour Party Associated Chamber) and Mr John Hendy, QC represented Prof. Deman. At the very outset, Mr Hendy, QC very eloquently outlined an application for Mr. Justice Underhill's recusal due to unresolved complaints to Judicial Ombudsman for his professional conduct and racial bias. Mr. Hendy shown a great deal generosity when he told Mr Justice Underhill that last night Dr Deman had faxed him his grounds for recusal outlining both facts and law and that he didn't have to add anything unless there are any questions on facts and law. However, Mr Justice Underhill did not rule on recusal application until afternoon after he had sorted out a way to get himself off the hook. He ruled as follows:

1. As to assessor's point and amendment he directed that Appellants Notice should have been lodge in the Court of Appeal as this was the intention of HHJ Collins although there is nothing in the Order or reasons except tick mark. Of course, we will have to lodge a fresh Notice of Appeal. Mr Hendy says, most likely Cour of Appeal would allow as HHJ Collin's got it wrong;

2. On the second limb of permission to appeal on substantive ground, there was some technical problem whether he could refer this to Cour of Appeal (CA).

To overcome, the CPR he granted permission to appeal on second limb and referred the entire case to Court of Appeal for a full hearing. It is worth noting that since then Dr Deman appeared before HHJ Collin's and he was seen behaving like a calf, i.e, he was in best of his behaviour. At the outset Mr Hendy, QC asked Mr Justice Underhill to make above two Orders which he had done like a good boy despite opposition by the Defendants' leading counsel, Mr Allen, QC. Due to high profile nature of the case, a number of observers including, Mr C Kumar, Coordinator of CEM, Dr. Antony Tambyrajah, Ms T.O.Olaleye-Oruene, the CEO of the Olabisi Olaleye Foundation, Ms Jackqueline Challenger, A. J. Graham attended the court. Hearing continued for 4 hours and throughout the hearing Mr Justice Underhill's chin was down as this was for the third time an application was made by leading counsels (earlier Ms Karon Monaghan, QC and Mr Barton of counsel) for his recusal, which we consider shocking to judicial conscience. There is well known saying, "Imperialism changes its face but never its nature". We don't know how far it is true but we know for sure, "Racism changes its face but never its nature".

17 September 2009 from the High Court sitting in London.

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